Ferdinand, King of Naples, liked cavorting with the lower class citizens of his city and would disguise himself as a plebeian and sneak out of the palace to eat pizza.  His wife Maria Carolina and her younger sister, Marie Antoinette were soon introduced to this poor man’s meal.  The Queen would not allow pizza in the palace, however she did allow  Ferdinand to install a pizza oven outdoors at their summer palace, Reggia diCapodimonte. Soon after the King and Queen were hosts to many popular pizza parties.


Sandor, Nicola and the boys.

With the pending arrival of our second child and a brand new business for Nicola, Fox in Sox Kids in Station Street Fairfield, it was time for us to say goodbye to Affogato, our CBD cafe. After 7 years in Hardware Lane and after 24 years in hospitality, Sandor was due for a break and the timing could not have been better with our son arriving early. 

After 4 months, Sandor was enjoying the role of stay at home dad so much that he decided to take 12 months off. However, as it happened, the opportunity for a new adventure took our interest and by Christmas we had purchased a new business and a wood fire oven from Italy.

We wanted to create a place where you can come together with friends and family to enjoy the simple things.......  

Good food, good wine and good hospitality.